Kuala Lumpur Specialties Food

In Kuala Lumpur, visitors have the opportunity to taste dishes from around the world and the unique Nonya. Kuala Lumpur, places to eat very much, both in the upscale tourist restaurants, hotels tasting masterful Malay, Chinese, Indian, you can also roadside stalls in the streets enjoy authentic tapas, experience a different flavor.

Tips: senior waiter restaurant entrance will guide guests seated, if the restaurant is not subject to service charge, guests may pay a 10% tip.

Alor Street

阿罗街 (Jalan Alor) has fifty years of history, the street has more than 100 kinds of kinds of food, is the most famous food street in Kuala Lumpur, gourmet Chua Lam was highly recommended. There are several varieties of food burning wings, Portugal broiled fish, fried strip naked, rojak, satay, especially thick fish dishes, pork porridge, Assam laksa, medicinal soups, seafood, snacks, Bak Kut and so on.


In fact, 40 years ago, Arrow Street is a red-light district, a number of vendors hawking business in the area, most of the regular customers patronize, from brothels customers. Later Arrow Street reborn to food heaven appearance, many people have a taste of their dishes, while a visit. As central location, hawkers business booming, dozens of stalls stalls from the initial increase to the current hundreds of files. From the tip of 2002 began, DBKL City has conducted several landscaping and improve street drainage system, and to create a gourmet paradise, as Bukit Bintang area one of the four major food street. Alor relatively quiet in the morning, then at night the crowds flocked to various streets.

Jalan Petaling

Petaling Street in Kuala Lumpur's Chinatown, located in the old city Kuala Lumpur southern area is small but very lively, especially every night like the holidays in general, is the famous night market in Kuala Lumpur. Here to sell stuff from China clothing, fabrics have to herbs. And here is the central market and sell parallel imports, fake and cheap place to clothes and watches majority.


Road to Kyrgyzstan in Korea and Sudan in the road there are many restaurants and snack bars, tables and chairs will be put on the road after dark. Supper here a lot of people.

In China there is one near the city of Sri Maha Hindu temple --- Marie Amann Temple. This temple was built in 1873, is the largest Hindu temple in Malaysia. Every night bell gongs, temple sell garlands, incense and Hindu gods. Indians have come to pray. Chinatown still maintains Chinese city rich flavor of life, reflecting all aspects of Chinese culture. Walking in the streets here, everything seemed so familiar.


Chinese-style archway, Chinese buildings, Chinese-style street stalls, all kinds of fruit from China, food, a variety of local flavor in the restaurant ...... The shops here are basically opened by the Chinese, both inside and outside shops hung with striking Chinese signs and advertising, in-store daily needs of a variety of operating supplies, such as department stores, groceries and so on. Street, restaurant, hotel, in pharmacies, Chinese bookstores, small hotels, supermarkets, etc., everything.

Every night, Chinatown is classified as a pedestrian zone, is a great place for shopping, on both sides of the street packed with all kinds of stalls, stall the gap in between the crowd, really bustling! In the night market, can be seen everywhere clothing stalls, jewelry stalls, arts and crafts stalls, food stalls, and many. Many restaurants in before nightfall, they have to put in a restaurant in front of the open-air dining table. A wide variety of Chinese cuisine that foreigners who deeply loved.

Kuala Lumpur's Chinatown as part of the multicultural make the world more people feel the splendid Chinese traditional culture, enjoy an oriental charm of that joy.